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Happy Birthday to Joseph DeGolyer!

This post is a tribute to my good friend Joe.

Joe and I have been friends for quite some time. We first met in elementary school and quickly became friends by bonding over Pokemon. We used to hang out almost every day from Jr. high to our first year of college. I have a lot of cherished memories with Joe. I remember we used to walk to the park a few times a week and talk about life. We used to have tons of sleep overs on Fridays at my grandma’s house. We would watch movies, t.v. and play video games for hours and I would usually be the first one to fall asleep. I remember he would talk about the girls he was obsessed with all the time. I wonder if he remembers the song he wrote and recorded called Oh Paige? This girl was his crush for many years. I wish that tape recorder he recorded the song on hadn’t broken. Thinking about it still makes me laugh and it would totally be on YouTube if I had it still. I was there the first time he tried alcohol on his 21st Birthday with Schweiss. They ended up spending the night on the couches at my grandma’s house. I remember making funny movies with Joe and other friends and messing around for hours trying to get the scenes just right. I can remember punching him in the face, because he got me in a headlock and wouldn’t let go. I still have a scar on my right middle finger knuckle. I even remember going backpacking on the mountain near my grandma’s house in Springville and having to climb back down with all of our stuff at midnight that same night, because he was having a huge fight with his ex. It was pitch black, we fell down a lot, and I’m pretty sure we saw some glowing eyes in the distance. As you can see, we’ve been through lots of good times and a few not so good ones, but we’ve stuck together through it all. I consider Joe to be part of my family and he has always been sort of like a brother to me. We don’t hang out as often as we used to and I do admittedly miss it at times, but that seems to be the nature of life. Friends get older, grow apart and go in different directions, but that doesn’t make the friendship any less important. Joe’s friendship is important to me and I’d be lying if I said that goofy red-haired man hasn’t had an effect on my life. So in honor of our friendship I just wanted to give him a Birthday shout out, even though I’m still on hiatus. I would be sad if I missed this opportunity to thank Joe for all that he does for UFF, [Nude]Clan, and the Godzilla Podcast, as well as thank him for being my friend. Thank you for everything Joe. I hope your Birthday is tremendous.

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